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Welding automotive axle bushing

Welding automotive axle bushing

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The axle bushing of the semi-axle bushing _i is worn by the journal and the bearing journal of the rolling bearing, resulting in a loose fit between the shaft and the hole, and the inner race of the bearing slips on the journal to promote the wear of the friction surface. When the bearing inner race slips sharply on the journal, high temperature is generated, and the journal is annealed. The strength of the material is reduced and damaged. The semi-axle bushing is made of seamless steel pipe. After bending and deformation, the friction between the half shaft and the casing is abnormal, and even the normal meshing of the planetary gear is affected, and the wear is accelerated, resulting in the tire running and swinging.

The half shaft sleeve on the axle housing stops the threaded hole or the sleeve positioning screw hole wears. After the stop screw is cut, the sleeve can not be restricted and moved, which will cause the wheel shaft to wear and the bearing axial direction. Movement, the wheel sway during operation, increasing the driving resistance, affecting the braking performance, causing the tire to be malignantly abraded. In severe cases, under the action of excessive axial force, a "flywheel" accident may occur.

Dongfeng Motor operates in harsh conditions (such as mines, forest areas, infrastructure, etc.), and the damage of the semi-axle casing occurs.

More like. The _L is damaged in the form of: 1 the sleeve is moved out after the cutting screw is cut, causing the end and the inner end of the half shaft flange to be damaged; 2 the half shaft bearing is worn out of the shaft and the bearing is mounted. The inner ring rotates; 3 the semi-axle sleeve is mounted on the journal of the oil seal; 4 the outer end of the sleeve is broken and the wire is broken; 5 the sleeve is bent and deformed.

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