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After-sales Service Commitment

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Shangdong Aobo Electric Co.,Ltd.

According to the customer's needs, provide relevant technical data and drawings in a timely manner.

Provide on-site technical services at the time required by the customer, guide the customer to install and debug some or all of the equipment according to the requirements of technical data and drawings.

We will actively provide the technical conditions and data required by the equipment interface for the product-related supporting equipment purchased by customers.

The company will strictly implement the minutes of meetings held or agreements signed by both parties on relevant issues.

Conduct business training courses on equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance for customers as required.

Strengthen pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and implement "24-hour Service", " Advanced Service", "Whole Process Service" and "Life-long Service" in the whole process of product manufacturing, installation, commissioning and major overhaul.

After receiving the quality information from the customer, the customer must respond or send service personnel within 2 hours, and must rush to the scene within 24 hours to ensure that " if the customer is not satisfied with the service, the service will continue until the customer is satisfied".

Meet the customer's requirements for spare products and spare parts at any time.

Under no circumstances will we make things difficult for our customers for any reason.

The commitment will become an integral part of the contract and have the same legal effect as the contract.