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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance


Assure that the supplied equipment meets the national and industrial standards.

Assure that the supplied equipment is brand-new and qualified without defects.

Within 3 years from the acceptance of switching equipment to its operation, if the following quality problems occur: insulator crack, arc discharge, contact overheating, bus discoloration, poor contact, blocked push-pull caused by non-exchange of handcart, rusting of frame, coating falling off and other quality problems,The Company is responsible for warranty or replacement. The Company is responsible for the warranty or replacement of parts that have quality problems within 18 months after the installation and acceptance of switching equipment or within 1 year of operation.

The guarantee period of equipment quality is within one year from the date of initial acceptance of the equipment. If the equipment is shut down or installation is delayed due to manufacturing reasons, The Company shall be responsible for repairing and bear the corresponding expenses.

External components are purchased strictly from qualified subcontractors, and The Company is fully responsible for problems related to the supply quality and equipment performance of subcontractors.

In the production and processing of switching equipment, the provisions of quality assurance system documents and technical process documents have been strictly implemented.